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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Just who is an 'Expert Patient'

Recent posts from Kate and Bill amongst others, along with several recent headlines had us thinking. An Expert Patient is someone who suffers from a chronic medical condition and takes control of their lives using 5 core skills:

Problem solving, decision makingmaking the best use of resources, developing effective partnerships with health care providers and taking appropriate action. All of which means putting people at the centre of their own health

Many councils (you can find yours here Direct.gov) and N.H.S.Trusts run regular programmes to help people understand their chronic medical condition and help them learn how to live with it on a day to day basis. The C.F. trust has encouraged people to use their knowledge of living with Cystic Fibrosis to influence others and the British Lung Foundation through their Breathe Easy Groups provide free practical self management courses and an opportunity share your experience. So on what ever level, be it becoming actively involved, requesting simple advice or just hoping to make a positive change to your health and well being there are many individuals and organisations  waiting to help.

And what has all this to do with nebulisers? 

A nebuliser can be just one aspect of a whole spectrum of treatments  for many chest conditions and, over the course of an average day, we take many calls from worried individuals, desperate to help their friend, relative, sometimes their child. 

However, as previously discussed nebulisers are not suitable for everyone  and there are many other options and treatments to be explored first. Having said that once your health care professional recommends that you may find a nebuliser beneficial, when chosen carefully and used correctly, it can help you to take back control of your life. You can view our full range by clicking HERE

With over 20 years experience and specialist knowledge a great deal of which comes from your feed back we are here and happy to help whatever your aspirations. Though after reading Brians comments  the results may not be quite what you expect !     

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