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Monday, 2 July 2012

Nebuliser basics, who should have one?

With the pollen count on the rise and in some areas hospitals struggling to cope we thought it may an opportune moment to revisit the basics of nebuliser therapy.

A nebuliser is a powerful drug delivery system that should only be used if your G.P. or health professional has recommended that you do. Using a nebuliser during an acute episode of your chest condition at a clinic, in A&E or on a hospital ward doesn’t always mean that you will be a suitable candidate to have one at home

For those of you who do have a nebuliser at home it is important to have management plan agreed with your doctor or nurse so you know what to do if your condition gets worse.

Relying on a nebuliser when you are feeling more breathless than usual and taking extra doses of nebulised relievers will only disguise and delay the need to seek medical advice

Nebulisers will not work without medication and your health professional will prescribe those which will be most beneficial for you. The most commonly nebulised drugs are relievers such as Salbutamol but there are many others such as Saline, Steroids and Antibiotics. Some but not all medications may influence the choice of nebuliser you decide to buy and one size doesn't suit all to view our full range click HERE

Other factors to consider when choosing a nebuliser for use at home are how frequently you may be nebulising? How portable it needs to be? Is it easy to maintain and clean? Are accessories readily available? And for some of you it can be important that it is simple and easy to operate

There are many pages and clickable links throughout this blog, you can click HERE for frequently asked questions and answers and HERE to check out our website, which will provide more answers to all these questions as well as quick links to independent help and advice and if you are still unsure or confused you can call us on 01942 701210 or click HERE to email.

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